Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is difference between Test Methodology, Approach, and Strategy?

Test plan specifies process and scheduling of an application.
Test lead prepares test plan document based on what to test, how to test, when to test, whom to test.
It contains test plan id, one or two lines about project, estimated project testing start date ,actual project testing start date, estimated project testing end date, actual project testing end date, selected test engineer names for the current project, training needs ,schedule, use of automation tools, risks and mitigations, selecting test cases for regression testing.

Test strategy are the approaching the testing process. It contains scope and objective of testing, budget issues, test matrix nothing but mapping between development stages and testing issues.Test deliverables, communication between testing and development team, communication between two consecutive jobs in testing team, risks and mitigations, handle change request, automation, test measurements and metrics.

Test methodology provides current project testing approach. This document is developed by PM. It contains test strategy. Type of the project, test matrix, determine project requirements, indentify scope of application, indentify tactical risks, finalize term matrix prepare system test plan and if required prepare module test plan.

Test strategy provides over all approach where as test methodology provides current project testing approach.

End to end testing is also called as Inter system testing. In this, test engineer validates whether our system co existence with the existing software’s or not.

Penetration testing is nothing but security testing. We test the application based on authorization, encryption and description.